Seven Tips to Help Make a SEO Article Go Viral

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"Some articles written for the Internet can go “viral” within minutes of being posted,. “Going viral” is a popular phrase which means that an article or video is receiving an enormous amount of page views, or “hits,” within a very short amount of time. An article, Earth’s Magnetic Fields May Be Causing Bird and Fish Die-Off went viral within 20 minutes of being published on Google News. A viral article is viewed from all over the world, is posted to various forums and websites, and is shared through social media sites. It gets a long thread of comments as readers discuss or debate the content contained within the article. Freelance writers, especially SEO copywriters, love articles that go viral, because increased page views means increased traffic to their websites. This often translates to more income for the author of the article. Here are seven tips which may help make a SEO article go viral.

First Steps to Make A SEO Article Go Viral: How to Choose a Good Topic

Start by choosing a topic that is “trending” on social media sites such as Twitter or Linkdin. All freelance writers should subscribe to social media sites in order to promote their work. Being “johnny-on-the-spot” with topics that are trending increases traffic. This moves the article up in page rank on the big search engines such as Google and SEO writers can see the topics that are trending on the home pages of these social media sites.

Choose a familiar topic, or one that the writer feels comfortable writing. Writers need to be able to write SEO articles quickly and with intelligence. This does not necessarily have to be in the writer’s niche, but the writer should be fairly familiar with vocabulary words, techniques, and instructions. The writer does not have to be an expert in the topic field, but it does help to sound like one.

SEO Writers Should Use Experts and Should Not Be Afraid to Use Material in a Foreign Language

Freelance writers should utilize any experts within their networks who know about the topic for the article. These experts may be contacted in numerous ways, and some may allow the writer to quote them in the article. These experts can prove to be valuable resources for links to legitimate websites in the writer’s topic area.

Do not be afraid to read articles or sites in a foreign language. Use Google Translator. The website may translate into broken English, but the information contained within these articles may not be available on an English-speaking site yet. Also, foreign sources give a perspective which can be very different than that of a North American.

Begin the Real Research Using Legitimate Source Material and Write With Search Engines in Mind

Use legitimate sources for all research, period. Legitimate sources are those with URLs ending in “dot edu,” dot gov,” or are official and respected. In the case of medical or health articles, use sites such as PubMed or the Mayo Clinic. For space or climate change articles, use NASA and other well-known sites. Be sure to back up every article with sound data and source materials. SEO writers want their readers to trust them as a reliable source for information.

Write with search engines in mind. There are countless articles and forums on the internet which teach beginning freelance writers how to do this. Make sure the title tells readers exactly what is contained in the article. Use long-tailed keyword phrases, bold text in subtitles, and make the article keyword dense without “stuffing” the article. Tag each article with these keywords.

Write “Newsworthy” Articles For High Traffic and Drive Readers to Selected Websites

Write in a style which is suitable for news services such as Google News. The article will be picked up by all the news services. If it is a “trending” topic, the article may very well go viral. While this may bring in some extra revenue, the main advantage is free advertising for a freelance writer’s own website. In this case, you wouldn’t even need to buy links as link juice you get from article going viral is crazy! Readers who like the content of the article are likely to want more information and may choose to become subscribers, regular readers, or better yet, clients.

Enjoy Your Favorite Show With Best Network On Sling TV

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "sling tv"Today, television has become one of the most important things of your daily routine and it seems that without it no work can be completed. Through this means, you remain updated will all the latest news and the ongoing conditions of this world. For watching all these things, it is necessary to have a good network because until and unless you will have proper connectivity, you will not be able to see your favorite shows. There are a number of cable networks available in the market these days, but if you want to get best picture quality and good network connectivity then you must go for Sling TV.

What it is?

It is live TV package that offers you thirty or more than thirty channels at an affordable price structure. The validity of this package is for one month and after completion of this time period you have to make payment again. The services of this live TV are very flexible as you can watch your shows on your tablets, mobile or computer as well. This service is completely separate and there is no need to have any dish subscription.

Different types of packages offered

This service is quite cheap as all you need to have is a proper internet connection and any compatible device. The most important benefit because people prefer it, is that for having these services no special contract is signed, if you want, you can cancel your services anytime and resume them again without making any payment. There are two different types of packages offered by them which are:

  • Orange channels
  • Blue channels

In orange package, many sport and entertainment channels are not included. While, on the other hand in blue package all channels are included but this version is a little bit costly. In fact, they also offer facility of rewind, stop and fast forward. With these services you can stop your live program and enjoy it again from the same time.

Have A Space Saving Bed Option In Your Kid’s Room

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "trundle bed"Every parent wants to provide the luxuries and well equipped room to their kids. However, due to the budget constraints some of the parents may be unable to give luxuries to their kids but they can manage to give the best room to their kids. There is a need of little bit planning and innovative ideas to beautifully design the kid’s room. If you are having a small space for the kid’s room, then you can look up for those options which are compact and space saving. It will make the small kid’s room spacious and allow the kids to have everything which they need in their room. Normally, it is the furniture that occupies more space in the room. Hence, while selecting the kid’s furniture for the small room, it is suggested that you should focus on buying the folding furniture or mounting furniture.

Get the help for the best furniture

Furniture selection guide can be considered by the parents while buying the furniture for the kid’s room. The most essential furniture item in the kid’s room is the bed. There are lots of options of bed for the kid’s room. You can have trundle bed, bunk bed and folding bed which saves lots of space and are an interesting option for beds. These beds are available in a wide range of materials like wood, iron or aluminum etc. in luring designs and colors keeping in mind that these beds are for kids.

Trunk bed is the one which has the auxiliary bed attached to the bottom of the master bed.  The bed can be slide out and used while the bunk bed is the bed in which one bed is mounted over the other bed.    In the former style of bed, the auxiliary bed can be drawn out when there is a need of extra bedding while in the latter type of bed, there is a need of ladder or the support to climb up to the bed.  You can select any type of bed according to your choice.

Choosing a good Facial Epilator – Part I

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"Choosing a good facial epilator involves selecting one which gives maximum results with minimum effort.  There are several epilators available in the market.  One such epilator is the Emoji Epi Slim AP – 9L.


There are different models of Epilators and this one is a tweezer-type of Epilator. These devices are defined by a main head on the top region.  This head houses the moving parts ‘ the tweezers’.  As the device rotates on the skin, these tweezers will come into contact with each other, in the process trapping the hairs along its path.  And as the rotating action continues, the hairs will be yanked out from the roots.


As the name suggests, this device has 9 in-built tweezers. While some facial epilators simply cut hair from the surface, thanks to these multiple tweezers, this device pulls out hair right from the roots, giving one better and longer-lasting results. The design of this device is also very elegant and being quite small, is ideal for carrying along anywhere and would easily fit into a travel pouch. The device is not much bigger than an eyeliner and the design also aids better grip and usage.


One would need AA batteries to operate this device – unlike most other commercial models, 2 of them would be needed, which accounts for the high power.


In terms of maintenance, it is essential to keep cleaning the head part of the device thoroughly after every use – the device also comes with its own brush which could be used for this purpose. Proper cleaning ensures better epilation.


While this epilator is best suited for facial skin, it can occasionally be used for other regions as well; regions where the hair is much finer, such as the bikini line.  However, in most cases, this epilator is best suited to touch-up regions elsewhere in the body.

How Androsurge Can Help You to Improve Your Muscle Mass

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bodybuilder"The hormones in your body can make a big difference in how you are able to change your body so that you bulk up. Most recognize that testosterone is the key hormone in terms of building body mass, but few are aware of the role that estrogen plays.

Estrogen is a hormone that is found in much larger quantities in women. The reason behind this is simple; women need estrogen for a wide variety of natural functions that go on in their body much of the regulation that occurs during a woman’s menstrual cycle and during pregnancy. These are things that are probably common knowledge to most people.

However, estrogen does a great deal more than this. It is the primary hormone that works to give a woman her natural figure. What this means is that it makes a woman a lot leaner looking, which will decrease muscle mass, shapely her curves, in less endurance.

These are not things that the average man would be looking for but, unfortunately, this hormone is working against them. If you are a man you may not be aware of this, but you have estrogen that is naturally produced in your body as well. It’s not in large quantities like you would find in a woman, but is there.

What this means for a man is that you have estrogen decreasing your muscle mass and your endurance when you’re trying to work out. These are things that are contraindicated when you are attempting to bulk up and improve the look of your upper body.

This is where a compound like ANDROSURGE Anti-Estrogen can really assist you. Not only does this supplement decrease the amount of estrogen in your body, but it helps stimulate the amount of free testosterone that is naturally produced by your body, making it so that you can get into bigger shape. If you’re looking to make an improvement in the way your body looks as a man, this is the way to do it.

The Beach and The Forest in One Beautiful Spot

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Pebble Beach and Monterey"4048 Sunridge Road in Pebble Beach sold for a whopping $1.44 million in October 2015! This beautiful wooden-floored home built in 1949 has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and would be perfect for any family of 4 or even 6 – bedrooms are spacious enough to share. The size of the home is 3 149 square feet – so spacious and airy. It is a home filled with light streaming in through lovely full windows showing gorgeous views of the surrounding forest trees. The property is bordered by a lovely greenbelt on the left side as you drive into the driveway. Secluded and private, quiet and peaceful.


The house is surrounded by equally large and generous houses.  The house has an extra 0.2 ac/ft of water should the purchaser want to carve out a permanent spot on Pebble Beach. Only 2 minutes away from The Lodge and Pebble Beach Gold Club, the house is in a perfect position for quick access.


Most of the families in this area have teenaged children and are older in the fifty to sixty-five year old age group. The families are established and look after their homes with a passion.


The weather here is temperate ranging from 43 in January to 68 in July. And unfortunately, the area is at high risk for earthquakes – however, this has yet to put anybody off living here!


Pebble Beach is really a very beautiful and famous area to live. It has a couple of very interesting facts:.


  • 17 Mile Drive has a lone Cypress Tree which is said to be about 200 to 300 years old;
  • In April, all the seal mothers return to Fanshell Beach along 17 Mile Drive to give birth to their pups;
  • The Pine trees in Monterey live to be an average age of 80 years;
  • The Inn at Spanish Bay and The Lodge at Pebble Beach both have staff members to polish their silver collections only.


Living in Pebble Beach is a lifestyle all of its own. It is a beautiful, haunting area to live, with one of the Seas off the land called the Restless Sea. How interesting it would be to live in such a place, with such a history.

Achieve Gold IRA From Your 401(K) Or IRA

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gold ira rollover"The decision to invest in stocks or any other form to secure your money was certainly made so that it can appreciate over time. Some investors took in the idea to enter the stock market and lock in on a number of asset valuations that are driving the highest records of the market for the moment. This makes sense only for the early and middle market recovery stages, but not for the latter stages where the investment strategy becomes a dice roll.


What is a Gold IRA?


The Gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a form to keep in custody for the owner’s benefits physical gold or other precious metals that were approved. The functions are the same like in the case of a regular IRA, but the place of paper assets is taken by precious metal coins or bars.


What is a Gold IRA rollover?


The gold IRA rollover is the possibility to transfer an IRA to another account. The IRA was created by the Congress for the Americans to ease the way they plan for retirement, in a private and personal way. Usually, the American employees receive Social Security protection and a pension plan from their employers in the retirement years. Taking into consideration the economic uncertainty and the soft economy, you can’t rely on the employer pension plan for the time you reach 65. Another reason is that the United States companies have a current corporate trend to raid the pension plans.


If you want to rest assured that you will have a pension when you retire, you should protect your income by setting up an IRA or 401(k). You can also make another step and take into consideration rolling over those two to gold or silver. All the information you need can be found on

100k Factory: Streaming Your Annual Income To $100k

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "online business"The launch of the 100k factory has brought new heights of success for a number of people working with e-commerce businesses in order to promote their websites, sales products and build high traffic on site. The 100k factory is working on the same features of last project, but new version is slightly trending to be even more profitable, fast and scalable. The working of this project is very unique and exceptional that targets to sell your physical products on your e-commerce stores. The major principle of the 100k factory bonus is to demonstrate and push the website traffic through the distinct traffic sources like project targeted software, ads and viral articles.

Targeting profits: 100k factory

100k factory is working to establish real online profits making your website setup to be even more beautiful, innovative and established. 100k earning engine is established with both the marketing and advertizing approaches including fundamental lessons in order to establish well site setup. 100k factory also provides actionable blueprint that builds your e-commerce website in more developed and advanced form. Whole process is easy to implement and straight forward and you are promised to get 100k annually and results can be analyzed within a targeted time period.

Know about the revolution of 100k factory

The new edition of the 100k factory is a hybrid mix of the drop shipping and e-commerce that offers systematic and unique way by leveraging highly cheap targeted traffic at your websites through various traffic generating sources. In order to scale up your online business with safety, one can also start up with the low budget. With high converting e-commerce sites people are also offered with the extension bonus and master packages so before doing selection for the offered features one can also review 100k factory bonus to check about the profitability and profit income.

Conservative Strategies to Treat Hypertension

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, can cause serious complications throughout the body. Preventing these complications by controlling blood pressure is a worthy pursuit. Strategies to combat high blood pressure include changing one’s diet and exercising.

Dietary Changes to Control Blood Pressure

Sodium (most of which comes from salt) is an easy target. Removing the excess sodium from the 3 week diet helps control blood pressure. Avoid shaking salt on cooked food and using it in recipes. Substitute other herbs and spices for flavor.

If necessary, consider using light salt or no-salt substitutes. These products have less sodium or none at all. Keep in mind that some salt substitutes should be used cautiously in those with heart disease, kidney disease, or diabetes. Therefore, ask the doctor before using them.

Realistically, it may be difficult to make dietary changes. Most of us eat and cook as we were taught by our parents and care givers. However, some of our favorite foods and family recipes may not be the healthiest.

To address this issue, consider the DASH diet. DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It was developed according to recent research about HBP that was conducted at top medical centers in the country. Anyone can benefit from the recommendations.

The diet involves choosing foods from a variety of food groups in portions outlined by the plan. It is easy to follow and is well-described in a free publication by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

It has been shown that heavy use of alcohol raises blood pressure. Therefore, the American Heart Association recommends limiting daily alcohol intake to 1 drink for women and 2 drinks for men. One drink equals one glass of wine, or one beer, or one shot of liquor, or one cocktail.

Exercise, Weight Loss, and High Blood Pressure

Although diet is a major factor in the prevention and treatment of HBP, it is well-established that exercise is also a great way to combat this disease. Regular exercise helps control excess weight gain. This is important because those with HBP may also be overweight.

The American Heart Association defines regular physical activity as 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per day for at least 5 days a week. Walking, running, biking, swimming, tennis, and more are all excellent ways to get exercise.

Consult a physician before undertaking any exercise program, especially those with any medical conditions or who are over 65 years old.